Catering Sushi

Catering sushi in Warsaw and the surrounding area is a great option not only for lovers of Japanese cuisine but also for those who want to offer their guests something completely new and original. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that our sushi catering not only tastes exquisite but is also beautifully presented, which will surely delight every guest. Therefore, it's the perfect solution for business meetings or corporate events.

In our sushi catering offer, you will find a wide variety of sushi options, including traditional nigiri, colorful maki, tempura, gunkan, and sashimi prepared by professionals. We always prioritize fresh, high-quality ingredients from leading Polish suppliers, ensuring that our sushi captivates with its unique taste and aroma.

Furthermore, depending on the customer's needs and dietary preferences, we can customize our sushi catering to various diets, including vegan and vegetarian options. If you're interested in a mobile sushi bar, we can also tailor the dishes to the guests' preferences.

If you want to impress your guests and serve them something extraordinary, our mobile sushi bar is the perfect choice. Contact us, and we'll be happy to customize our sushi catering to your requirements.

In summary, what we offer as part of sushi catering:

- High-quality sushi and Japanese cuisine dishes.

- Sushi catering for business and private events.

- Professional live cooking sushi shows.

- A mobile sushi bar.

- Expert service.

Sushi for events with delivery in Warsaw and the surrounding areas

Sushi catering for events with delivery is an excellent solution that works not only for corporate events and business meetings but also for lavish weddings, large birthday and name day parties, special occasions like bachelor and bachelorette parties, or simple social gatherings with friends. Sushi for weddings is also a great idea.

Our sushi catering for events in Warsaw and the surrounding areas will help ensure an adequate amount of sushi to satisfy your guests. All the dishes we provide as part of sushi catering and mobile sushi bars are always fresh and carefully prepared. We always ensure timely delivery and the appropriate presentation of the ordered dishes.


Live cooking sushi show - Warsaw and the surrounding areas

If you want to make an even bigger impression on your guests, opt for a live cooking sushi show. This professional demonstration of Japanese dish preparation will be an additional attraction to complement sushi catering.

Our live cooking sushi is simply an attractive and interactive way to serve sushi, providing both a culinary and entertainment experience simultaneously. During the live cooking sushi show, guests can watch our sushi specialists prepare various types of sushi. Since sushi is prepared live, guests can be confident that the dishes are fresh and tailored to their tastes.

Sushi live cooking in Warsaw and the surrounding areas is an ideal solution for various business events, banquets, employee integration events, or private parties.

We recommend this format because guests can watch a professional chef at work while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere and the taste of sushi.

We have 12 years of experience in running restaurants, a 35-person qualified team, hundreds of successfully completed catering events, and multiple awards from platforms such as TripAdvisor.

We warmly invite you to take advantage of our sushi catering offer in Warsaw and the surrounding area!

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